2017 Prize Winners

Advanced Category

Contestant Prize Country
Anna Elizabeth Anita Mayorga Voitsekhovskaia First Prize Russia
HwaYoung An Second Prize South Korea
Artem Kuznetsov Third Prize Russia
Sejoon Park Honorable Mention United States
HwaYoung An Public Prize South Korea
Artem Kuznetsov Best Performance of Russian Music Russia
Tianxu An Honorable Mention & Scholarship to VIP Academy in Vienna, Austria China
Alexey Trushechkin Best Performance of Chopin Etude Russia


Intermediate Category

Contestant Prize Country
Ophir Horovitz First Prize USA
Cameron Akioka Second Prize USA
Ethan Chi Honorable Mention USA
Ophir Horovitz Best Bay Area Contestant USA
Ophir Horovitz Best Performance of a Beethoven Sonata USA


Junior Category

Contestant Prize Country
Andrew Shi First Prize USA
Anna Audenis Second Prize USA
Ovie Nirgudkar Third Prize USA
Andrew Shi Most Promising Young Talent USA
Carey Byron Honorable Mention USA


Young Musicians

Contestant Prize Country
Sophie Chung First Prize USA
Chloe Jiang Second Prize USA
Eleni Moon Second Prize USA
Angelina Wong Third Prize USA
Emily Qi Third Prize USA
Stanley Du Honorable Mention USA
Cecilia Zhuo Honorable Mention USA