Experience a Salon Concert as you might have in the 19th Century!

The Salon Series

Inspired by 19th Century Europe, the San Jose International Piano Competition brings a taste of history to the 21st century. Until approximately 1850, most music was experienced in people’s homes, churches, or small intimate venues known as “salons.” The Salon Concert was particularly popular in the 19th century, a format known well by composers like Schubert, Schumann, Chopin, and Liszt. The idea of a cultural or intellectual exchange within a small intimate setting developed in France in the 17th and 18th century, inspired in part by Horace’s statement that the purpose of poetry was “either to please or educate.” Cultural salons were places where would could gather together to discuss literature, poetry, philosophy, theology, and ideas in a convivial and stimulating atmosphere, often with food and drink. The San Jose International Piano Competition’s mission through this concert series is to provide audience members with the opportunity to enjoy such an experience while providing past prize winners and other members of the musical opportunity with the opportunity to perform.

SJIPC Salon Concerts

Date Artist Concert Info
November 5, 2021 Anton Smirnov Repertoire and Tickets


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